Located near Rosanky, Texas, about forty miles southeast of Austin, the Central Texas Museum of Automotive History was a must-visit destination for anyone living in or visiting the Central Texas area. I searched for large photos online and could not find any, so I decided to go take some pictures. Most of the cars are presented here. The rest would have to wait until my next trip because my camera's battery died.
The reason for arranging the car photos in this manner was in order to present the most awesome car, the 1933 Duesenberg, on the top of the first page.

1933 Duesenberg SJ235
8 cyl DOHC, 325 BHP
1931 Hudson
1930 Cadillac 353 V8
ca. 1930 Cadillac V8
1930 Cadillac Landau V16
1930 Dodge DC8
1930 Ford Model A
1927 Ford Model T Speedster
1928 Buick Master Six
1928 Durant
1927 Moon 6-60
1924 Bentley Speedster
1921 Studebaker "Light 6"
1921 Packard
1918 Milburn Electric
1914 Studebaker
1913 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
1913 REO (Olds)
1913 Regal Roadster
1911 Napier Garden Car
1911 Packard Imperial Limo
(This car is huge!)
1910 Empire
Indianapolis, IN
1910 EMF Model 30
1909 Hupmobile 20 Roadster
1908 Maxwell Runabout
1906 Ford Model N
1903 Stanley Steamer

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