My Old Schools

Sedbergh School: Ad astra per aspera sed dura virum nutrix et diutissime de profundis clamavi nequiquam ad te Domine ergo quando veneris iudicare orbem per ignem et glaciem ut nos liberare ab hoc loco improbo denique et nos portare celerrime ad caelum aeternum in manibus tuis
Offered what was probably the best education available at the time in an idyllic rural setting next to the Lake District in Cumbria.

University of St. Andrews: Caelum denique Deo gratias per saecula saeculorum gloria in excelsis Deo amen
This was the place to study, the oldest university in Scotland, in the Top Five, and fit for a prince. The work was overwhelming, no time for golf. I spent the best two years of my life here, before I came to College Station decades later. Very traditional atmosphere: every day in St. Andrews was like living in history, like stepping back in time into the Old World. This is where I began to collect watches and clocks.

College of William and Mary: Non vitae sed scholae discimus otium cum dignitate et in omnia parati
In Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, Alma Mater of Thomas Jefferson and the second-oldest institution of higher education in the United States. If you prefer work that is not overwhelming and an exceptionally quiet, traditional atmosphere in the United States, this is the place.

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