I wrote the following projects in the course of my work in clock and watch repair. The information in these projects was developed by me personally as I came across various problems and sought for solutions that I was unable to find elsewhere. Whether you are looking for information about antique clock repair, grandfather clock weights, stress corrosion cracking in brass, atmos clock repair, or what clock tools to buy, you came to the right place. The projects are offered in their complete form with additional files for downloading and printing as you wish. You can also download them as PDF files for future reference.

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Remember, these projects are FREE! Explore and enjoy!

Circular Error in a Pendulum
Pendulum Error Part 2

Clock Buying Tips   [PDF]

A Seth Thomas Clock For The Beginner   [PDF]

Seth Thomas 89, Ansonia And Sessions   [PDF]

Southern Calendar Clock   [PDF]

Gearing: Introduction   [PDF]

Gearing: The Cycloidal Curve   [PDF]

Gearing: The Epicycloidal Curve   [PDF]

Gearing: The Involute Curve   [PDF]

Gearing: The Module And Gear Cutters   [PDF]

Gearing: Photos   [PDF]

Jaeger Le Coultre Atmos Clock   [PDF]

Atmos Clock Timekeeping   [PDF]

Atmos 540 Clock   [PDF]

Atmos Clock Bellows   [PDF]

Clock Bushings Repair   [PDF]

More Clock Bushings Repair   [PDF]

Recycling Ammoniated Cleaning Solution   [PDF]

Cleaning And Polishing Brass   [PDF]

The Modern Russian Submarine Clock   [PDF]

The Modern Russian Chronometer Clock   [PDF]

Mainsprings   [PDF]

Mainsprings in American Clocks   [PDF]

Mainspring Strength and Timekeeping   [PDF]

A Tribute to a Korean Clock   [PDF]

Two Extraordinary Hermle Clocks   [PDF]

Misc. Clock Repair Notes   [PDF]

Determining Pendulum Length   [PDF]

Repairing The Strike Rack Mechanism   [PDF]

Clock And Watch Lubrication   [PDF]

How lubricants Work   [PDF]

After the Lubricants Fail: Wear   [PDF]

Clock Repair Tools   [PDF]

Modern Grandfather Clock Weights   [PDF]

English Grandfather Clock   [PDF]

Elliott 9 Tube Grandfather Clock   [PDF]

Elliott Clock Catalogue and 1974 Price List   [PDF]

Elliott Clock Catalogue from 1971   [PDF]

Elliott Clock Catalogue and 1962 Price List   [PDF]

Winterhalder & Hofmeier   [PDF]

Setting Up A Herschede Tubular Bell Hall Clock

Herschede 9 Tube Grandfather Clock   [PDF]

History Of The Herschede Hall Clock Co.   [PDF]

The Clock That Killed Herschede   [PDF]

Revere 9 Tube Grandfather Clock   [PDF]

Herschede - Revere Clocks   [PDF]

The Revere Telechron Electric Clock Motor   [PDF]

Western Union Clock   [PDF]

Schatz Anniversary Clock   [PDF]

Schatz Royal Mariner Clock (1975)   [PDF]

Schatz Ship's Bell Clock (1980)   [PDF]

Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock   [PDF]

Japy French Clock   [PDF]

Japy French Clock II   [PDF]

French Clock Photos

French Clock Setup

French Brocot Clock   [PDF]

French Carriage Clock   [PDF]

French Morbier Clock   [PDF]

Vienna Regulator Clock   [PDF]

Gustav Becker Clock   [PDF]

The Suspension Spring   [PDF]

A Modern Grandfather Clock   [PDF]

Watch Repair Notes   [PDF]

The Watch Balance Staff   [PDF]

The Emperor Clock Co.

Quartz Technology   [PDF]

Java Clocks

If you think clock repair is fun, try your hand at computers.

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