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1919 Lone Star 4-30
Engine: Lycoming inline 4
Displacement: 192.4 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 20 BHP
Cost New: $1,545.00
         The story of the Lone Star is an interesting mix of myth and fact. The Lone Star Truck and Tractor Association was established in San Antonio in 1919. Instead of actually manufacturing cars and trucks, the company "badge-engineered" their cars. The cars were actually built by the Piedmont Motor Car Company in Lynchburg, Virginia. Piedmont also made cars sold under the names of Piedmont, Bush and Alsace. Piedmont themselves just put bodies, based on Hudson designs, on vehicles combined from other suppliers, like Lycoming. The company could not produce many cars and most were shipped to Europe badged as Alsace.
         The Lone Star was sold as being built in Texas but even the badges on the cars were manufactured in Virginia. The company attempted to advertise the cars as built at their plant in San Antonio, but even the date of when the company started is in question, being listed as 1917 and 1919. This is the last known surviving Lone Star. It is believed to have been sold originally to a person from San Antonio, and has been driven only 8500 miles.
         This car was restored by Curtis Foester and donated to the museum.