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1931 Cadillac 452A V-16 Sport Phaeton
Engine: V-16
Displacement: 452 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 175 BHP
Cost New: $9,700
         Launched in 1930, the V-16 motor quickly drove Cadillac to the front of the luxury car market. The new designs, helped by the legendary Harley Earl, coupled with the power and prestige of the new engines, elevated Cadillac to the rarified realm of Packard, Peerless and Pierce-Arrow. The new V-16s would average around eight miles per gallon, which only cost fifteen cents in 1931, and would get 150 miles to a quart of oil. Although they had plenty of power, the new Cadillacs were known more for their superior luxury and smooth operation. There were no fewer than 33 different models, sub models or trim variations, ranging from $5350 to $9,700, with this Sport Phaeton costing $6,500.
         Original Cadillac shipping documents show this car as one of the first V-16 Sport Phaetons. Fitted with body #42, it was delivered to Cadillac's Philadelphia branch on July 19th, 1930. As was often the case during the early days of the Depression, the cars were difficult to sell. This one was finally sold on June 29th, 1931 in New York City. Several well known Cadillac aficionados have since owned this vehicle and it has won several major awards, including National First Place awards in both AACA and CCCA judging, and it has scored a perfect 100 points in the CCCA Grand Classic Judging. It is one of only eighteen Sport Phaetons known to exist today.