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1931 Ford DeLuxe Model A Rumble Seat Roadster
Engine: Inline 4
Displacement: 200.5 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 40 BHP
Cost New: $475
         Henry Ford's Model T revolutionized the automotive industry as the first mass-produced vehicle. In its nineteen year run, Ford made over fifteen million "Tin Lizzies." His decision to develop the Model A and abandon the Model T led to a rough transition, the factory was idle for over six months, while it was retooled for the new vehicles, and cost Ford dearly in both money and goodwill. Chevrolet and Plymouth were both gaining on Ford and he needed to update his lineup.
         The Model A ended up being nearly perfectly timed with the Great Depression. The new cars were more reliable, comfortable, and had much greater performance. Several innovations plus a very reasonable price, ranging from $430 for a roadster to $640 for a convertible sedan in 1931, made the Model A even more popular than the "Tin Lizzie." Four-wheel mechanical brakes replaced two, shock absorbers replaced leaf springs, and the switch to balloon tires on smaller 19-inch wheels led to the sale of nearly five million Model As between 1927 and 1931.
         Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford and former head of Lincoln, created the styling of the Model A. The new lines were a step up from the previous Model T, and Model A was often referred to as the "little Lincoln."