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1938 Ford DeLuxe Convertible Club Coupe
Engine: V-8
Displacement: 221 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 85 BHP
Cost New: $800
         Ford began the "Two Tier Styling" in 1938. The standard models, equipped with the very unpopular 60 BHP V-8, were slightly modified 1937 designs, while the DeLuxe models, given the more powerful and reliable 85 BHP V-8, sported a different new look. Once the leader in innovation, Ford was beginning to suffer under the influence of its founder. Edsel Ford was fighting to update the entire line, but his father, Henry, fought stubbornly to resist the change.
         The 1937-8 Fords saw several body styles dropped from the lineup. The Roadmaster and Phaeton had ended their run with Ford, which was several years after their competition had stopped the body styles. The lack of hydraulic brakes and independent front suspension was beginning to hurt the sales, though the larger V-8 was one of the strongest motors available. Even with these problems, Ford produced its five millionth V-8 in May, 1038, and in November the twenty six millionth Ford rolled off the line.