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1941 Packard 180 Darrin Victoria
Engine: Side Valve Straight 8
Displacement: 356 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 160 BHP
Cost New: $4,595
         Howard "Dutch" Darrin was born into money and comfort. He was blessed with a keen eye and sense of style, design and balance. In 1923, he and designer Tom Hibbard joined to form Hibbard and Darrin, and over the next eight years, they created groundbreaking designs that were skillfully executed in their shop on the most luxurious chassis. Their work was so innovative that, in 1927, General Motors licensed a Hibbard and Darrin hood and fender treatment for Cadillac, paying them a considerable sum of $25,000 plus $1,000 a month for the privilege.
         Darrin's favorite body style was the convertible Victoria, and he excelled at its execution, not only by creating an innovative compromise between sporting and formal coach work, but also by his mastery of the complicated three-position-top mechanism. Darrin executed a cut-down door disappearing-top Victoria on a 1938 Packard Super Eight. Brought to Packard President Alvan MacAuley's attention, the Darrin-designed cars were produced by Packed in 1940, and are the most desirable of all Packards today. They will, like a few timeless designs from automotive styling history, stop traffic and strike up conversation in any situation.