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1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible
Engine: Inline 8 "Fireball"
Displacement: 320.2 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 150 BHP
Cost New: $3,081
         While there were only a few changes to the exterior of the 1948 Buick, that does not mean that there was nothing new for the year. Buick had developed the new "Dynaflow Drive" automatic transmission, and this was the first year it was offered as an option, exclusively on the Roadmaster series. The new Dynaflow used a torque converter, the first American car to do so, offering undetectable shifting. The new transmission, only found on Buicks, quickly set the standard for dependability and quality. In a few short years, the very impressive Dynaflow was in over eighty percent of all Buicks sold and was used for nearly twenty years in various forms.
         Harley Earl had redesigned the Buick shortly before World War II, so the post-war cars were considered more stylish and up to date than many of its competitors. One interesting feature of the Roadmaster was the radio antenna, mounted on the center pillar of the windshield, and operated by a knob above the rear-view mirror.