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1955 Buick Special Riviera
Engine: V-8
Displacement: 264 Cubic Inches
Horsepower: 188 BHP
Cost New: $2,332
         Through the early 1950s, Buick had steadily been closing in on production leaders Chevrolet and Ford. While they were never able to pass the leaders, Buick did settle in as the third best seller in America. New and fresh styling coupled with ample power had put them securely behind Chevrolet and Ford in 1955. They had broken company records each year, and the volume of cars sold in 1955 were fifty percent greater than the year before, selling 781,000 cars. This was due in large part to the Buick Special becoming one of the popular cars in America.
         There were 155,000 two door Hardtop Riveras made in 1955. Buicks were becoming trendsetters, with new styling and increased horsepower. The biggest advancement in 1955 was the introduction of the four-door Hardtop. General Motors had released two-door Hardtops in 1949, and this was the first time the option was offered with four doors. By the next year, nearly every manufacturer offered this as an option. Buick is one of our survivor cars. With only 4,875 miles on the odometer, this Buick is one of the best examples of a true survivor you will ever see.