Herschede (1929)   [see PDF]

General Information

Grandfather Clocks

Smaller Floor Clocks





Mantel Clocks

Made in USA

Price List

Revere (1930)   [see PDF]

General Information (must see!)

Grandfather Clocks

Grandmother Clocks

Wall Clocks

Mantel Clocks

General Information

More Information

Revere Mechanism

Telechron B Motor

Herschede History and Production Serial Numbers

Herschede-Revere Owners' Manuals (1922-1975)

Herschede Mantel Clocks Brochure (1923)

Below are scans from more Revere and Telechron catalogs. Jay Kennan sent me these scans and allowed me to offer them on this website. Notice how the prices came down after 1929. The clocks became smaller. The emphasis was no longer "spare no expense" but rather how "affordable" these clocks were. Sales of Herschede and Revere clocks went down by 84% during the Great Depression: in 1929 the company employed about 300 workers and had sales of $1.2 million, but four years later, annual sales would be reduced to $187,000.
Thanks, Jay.

1930 Telechron brochure.

Revere "Serving With Distinction" Brochure, circa 1931.

Four pages of Revere "Loyal" dealer information, from 1931.

1931 Telechron dealers' catalog, commercial clocks for use in public buildings. This catalog offers a view of history, with many photos of buildings and technological information about Telechron timekeeping systems.

1933 Revere catalog for dealers.

Revere Grandfather Clocks, catalog for customers, circa 1933.

I would like to thank Paul Johnson for sharing the following scans for this website:

Herschede catalog, 1936.

Herschede and Revere, 1957.

Here is some more Herschede material:

Herschede information, 1960.

Herschede and Revere Grandfather Clocks, circa 1963.

Herschede Grandfather Clocks, circa 1972.


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