Tribute to Cecil E. Mulholland

1913 - 2001

I would like to pay tribute to Cecil E. Mulholland, Master Watchmaker since 1935, Patriarch of the Texas Watchmakers' Association, and a perfect gentleman. The following text and photo appeared in the Horological Times magazine in October, 1995, and I feel this tribute is worth showing here.

"At the May (1995) monthly meeting of the Austin Watchmakers' Guild of the Texas Watchmakers' Association, the guest speaker was Mr. Raymond Slade of the U.S. Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, Texas District. He presented a slide show about the role of timekeeping in the collection of river water data, such as water levels during floods, and pollution analyses. After his presentation, he awarded a plaque to Mr. Cecil Mulholland for his services to the U.S. Geological Survey, repairing their timekeepers for the last forty five years, and several letters of thanks and recognition from officials of the Survey.

"Mr. Mulholland has been a watchmaker and clockmaker since 1935, in Austin since 1939. He was the First President of the Texas Watchmakers' Association in 1947. He will be 82 in July (1995), and is still working diligently on watches and clocks. He has an unequaled reputation for his generosity and sharing of his time and skills with other craftsmen. A customer of mine recently said Mr. Mulholland was a perfect gentleman."

"Toute les grandeurs de ce monde ne valent pas un bon ami." Voltaire

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