Elgin Pocket Watches

Elgin pocket watches deserve special consideration for several reasons. Elgin watches are plentiful and easy to find because millions were made (however, this lack of scarcity reduces their desirability among collectors). Elgin watches are easier to repair than many other brands because old parts are more easily found and new reproduction (Swiss) parts have been available. Elgins parts are interchangeable, though parts in older Elgins need to be adjusted because, for example, parts came with different pivot sizes. Elgins are the best pocket watches for the collector who wants to repair his own watches: the challenge of repairing your watches is much more rewarding than wearing it afterwards! Note that for serial numbers above ten million, an easy way to determine the approximate age of the watch is to subtract three from the number of millions (for example: 30,235,263 was made around 1927).


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