The photos below show a Revere 9-tube grandfather clock mechanism from 1928 as it was disassembled. This is the earliest Revere design and, since it was completely redesigned for 1929, also the rarest. The design has two count wheels, for the chime and the strike. It looks deceptively simple compared to the 1929 model, but do not let its apparent simplicity deceive you into thinking that this could be a straightforward repair. I hesitated before writing this webpage because the photos did not turn out well at all, but eventually decided to present this page anyway because of the rarity of this clock. While other Revere clocks have the 1 r.p.m. Telechron B motor, this Revere has the 1 r.p.s. Telechron B motor (that is: one revolution per second). Try finding replacement parts for this clock!

This clock was brought from Oklahoma City. The last photo clearly shows why it was worth investing every effort into restoring it. At a time when half the working population in the United States earned $1 a day or less, this clock cost a staggering $550. Here you can also see the Herschede version of this clock in the catalog and the price list.

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