Located in San Marcos, about thirty miles south of Austin, Dick's Classic Car Museum was a must-visit destination for anyone living in or visiting the Central Texas area. This museum offered a truly fine tribute to the American passion of the automobile. It presented many of the finest cars ever made in the United States. You can enjoy many photos of its cars here. Sadly, it closed in December, 2018.

 1918 Milburn 
 Electric Runabout 
 1919 Lone Star 4-30 
 1921 Stanley Steamer 
 Model 735b 
 1929 Auburn 
 Boattail Speedster 
 1929 Cord L29 
 Convertible Sedan 
 1929 Stutz Model M LeBaron 
 Dual Cowl Phaeton 
 1930 J Willoughby 
 1931 Cadillac 452A 
 V16 Sport Phaeton 
 1931 Chrysler CG Imperial 
 Dual Cowl Phaeton 
 1931 Ford Deluxe Model A 
 Rumble Seat Sportster 
 1931 Packard 840 
 Deluxe 8 Roadster 
 1932 Ford Model 18 Roadster 
 1932 Ford Model B Coupe 
 1932 Marmon 2 Passenger Coupe 
 1933 Duesenberg Model J 
 Touring Sedan 
 1936 Cord 810 
 Cabriolet Convertible 
 1938 Ford DeLuxe 
 Convertible Club Coupe 
 1938 Hudson 
 Terraplane Pick-up 
 1938 Oldsmobile L-38 
 Convertible Coupe 
 1939 Chrysler C-24 Custom 
 Imperial Parade Phaeton 
 1940 La Salle Series 52 Special 
 1941 Packard 110 Series 1900 
 Inline 6 
 1941 Packard 180 Darrin Victoria 
 1942 Lincoln Continental 
 V12 Convertible 

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